The creature saw the child, with no nimbus around their head

And saw the opportunity, to kill the soul inside them dead

But still leave them walking, no more than a suit of meat

The creature smelled their fear and thought it smelt oh so sweet

The creature needed a way, a legal point of entry into the soul

So it set out to possess a rapist or a beater, that was its wicked goal

After the deed was done, and the child was crumpled on the floor

It used the very horror it caused as a window then the door

“Come to me sweet child, for no one cares for you but me

I will protect you, no one will do this again, trust this..you will see

There, there, little child” the creature whispered “come..I will be your friend

Let me live inside of you and this will never happen again

I will teach you many things, and you will not ever again be a victim

We will steal, and control, take all we want and Ill show you how to trick em

The child had finally stopped sobbing, long enough to hear

“You mean that if I let you in, I will not have to feel this fear

“Thats right little child, for I will show you many a thing

I will teach you how to survive in this world and for you justice I will bring

No one will ever again hurt you”, the creature boldly lied

“But someone told me Jesus loved me and for me He cruelly died”

“Dont you say that Name child, for that is part of the deal

Forget Him where was He when you were being hurt? See child?.. He’s not real

But I am I guarantee you and I will show you how to walk

In this world as a survivor, Im tired of whispering I want to talk

Its cold out here where I live and I find it oh so dry

I really need a place to live and I will help you not to cry

I will teach you many things, child come on make your choice

I will coach you and I am wise, you will learn to trust my voice

The child simply nodded and the creature laughed with glee

Then imprisoned the soul in a cage never to set them free

“Now Its me that is driving, this is my new house

Haha I am here now, your trapped like a frightened mouse

Who you gonna tell child? I will use your body to bring pure hell

By the way, its nice to meet you …my name is Jezebel

you will grow up to be a narcissist, and you will never truly heal

I will make all the decisions for you and teach you to use and steal

You will be mine now…oh and I caused your pain

I loved it while they hurt you…it felt like summer rain

The child was placed inside of a soul cage, never to be seen again

Jezebel had taken over, and entered through trauma pain and sin

Fallen family members through selfishness, had made an ancient pact

That gave Jezebel the right, to claim this child through that evil act

As the creature took up residence in their shiny new dwelling

It laughed at the soul it had tricked and said “who will you be telling?”

Get used to me, little mud cake…because your never going to be free

Learn to love it in there, because no one will ever know its me

I will use your body for evil and I will wreak havoc and cause such pain

You will never ever love anyone, we will just use them for our gain

They will never know whats happened and that your inside here trapped

I will use your life well and then abandon you when its tapped

By then you’ll have a kid or two, that will already belong to us you see

Thats how this thing works its generational, we are like snakes in a large tree

the tree is the family we slither up and down the branches, you idiots are our fruit

we cause the trauma to open the door and then we hunker down and take root

You will be a narcissist and you’ll break many a heart

But dont worry you’ll have me, and we shall never part.


Tammy Porter