Watching Waves

Morrows meld together, day in day out, the same

I feel like I’m a no one, just a number and a name

I’ve lived my life oppressed closed up in a box

I sit here watching waves repetitiously hit the rocks

Sea gulls fly around, couples walk hand in hand

Somewhere in the distance, I hear a high school marching band

It takes me to a place, nostalgia fills the air

I watch the waves and remember, mindlessly sitting there

Memories flood my mind as a tear rolls down my cheek

I look back on my life, feeling powerless and weak

How did it slip away? I was young and full of fire

I guess hard headed lessons slowly robbed me of desire

My emotions stripped naked. Are they damaged beyond repair?

Something deep inside, screams “There’s so much more, somewhere!”

I gaze across the ocean; the sun starts its grand descent

I remember certain places and people who came and went

The sun will return tomorrow, the waves never cease to roar

The idea has suddenly struck me, to try the last remaining door

I’ve heard that Jesus loves me and He’ll turn my life around

As I jump up to seek Him, the waves still crash and pound.

The Holy Spirit

Via Tammy Porter  98