The Lure

I have felt sorry before just for being born, although that wasn’t my call to make
I never had a right to hate myself, because my steps were never mine to take
I had no right to scream and cry and long for a better circumstance
I was assigned where I was assigned and there is no such thing as chance
My steps were laid out before me, before the very foundation of the earth
With great care God decided my name, and who would give me birth
No one owes you anything.. you cant view things in life this way
The Holy One saw a need for you, He’s even counted the words that you’ll say
He knows how many hairs you have upon your rebellious head
He knows exactly when you’ll appear before Him, the second after your dead
But He will not violate His laws, that He’s put into place
And because of a lack of knowledge, we refuse Him and spit in His face
Do you not know, Hes the One who will sentence you to your judgement, in the end
Forget the fear of people…it is Him you don’t want to offend
Who ever gave you the right , to look in the mirror and despise what you see
The Holy One doesn’t make junk and He died brutally for you to be free
Quit whining about what you wish you had and who you wish you were
It is one of the devils tricks… in fact its his favorite fishing lure
Going to catch souls each day is all that is on his evil mind
If you don’t wise up to his wiles you will find yourself in a bind
Even those that make deals with him come to see, he never keeps his word
Whose going to enforce the contract? To believe him is just absurd
Quit committing murder each and every time you look in the mirror
It isn’t going to stop your pain, or help you see any clearer
Accept with thanksgiving the life you have, it is the one you have been assigned
Instead go out and look for the treasure that is waiting for you to find
The beauty is in knowing The Lord, it is the reason for this life
So repent for hating yourself and quit handing the devil the knife
So he can cut a little of you here and there, to steal your hope and dreams
You must quit thinking only of you and your reality… as it now seems
We don’t yet know the reasons, that Hes created us the way we are made
One day we will, of this I am sure, but now its above our pay grade
Search out the blessing hidden in each day and learn to love The Lord always, the same Remember that He knows you,and personally chose your face and your name
Arm yourself with this knowledge and know these things for sure
Never again take the devils bait….no matter how shiny the lure
Tammy Porter 18