Sunday Clothes


Please don’t cry on me, cant you see I’m wearing my Sunday clothes?

What if you splash tears on my shirt, or worse from your dripping nose?

Look your becoming a burden, at first this thing was kind of fun

Now your expecting to much from me, and I feel the need to run

You see this was never about you, no..there’s things I just got to say

That this friendship is all about me, although you have a part to play

You make a pretty good supporting character, in my personal drama

But make no mistake I don’t want to hear anything about your pain or trauma

OK good we got past that, and you are still standing there

Now I need you to help me find something new to wear

Church is coming up in a few days and its my turn to speak

I think I have a great message about friendship, I hope its not to weak

Do you think you can sit down there, but please wipe the tears from your face

How am I supposed to recite it with you like that, how can I concentrate?

Do you think that I look better, if I hold my hands like like so

Oh please call up all our friends…make that everyone that you know!

Tell them to be there on Sunday, and to wear their best set of clothes

This is the way that our friendship will be and that’s just the way that it goes.


Tammy Porter


Do you know anyone like this? Are you like this? AM I? God forbid……………