I gaze upon the fields of snow, perhaps tomorrow they will soften

The sadness overwhelms my joy; this is something I feel often

Even though my eyes are filled and a tear skates down my chin

I know that this is momentary and soon, I’ll smile again

It’s like the changing of the seasons, compare to the morning tide

Life is a consistent circle of familiar roads we ride

As snowflakes fall and stick to the ground, thoughts flood my raging head

Of foreign paths I could have traveled down, like countless words unsaid

If confusion is my enemy, why do I harbor him this night?

And listen to his nagging about what went wrong, not right

Moonbeams pierce right through the clouds to illuminate the snow

I sit here mentally mining the answers I already know

The Lord Jesus is my Alli, He blankets me in peace

He sweetly whispers to my thoughts “The loneliness will cease..

Just as the snow will melt and the tree brings forth its bloom

I AM here through your happiness and Omnipresent through the gloom

Don’t be ashamed of the way that you feel, emotions are like the wind

Something that is always felt, yet uncontrolled…my friend

Just relax and live your life, as the earth expects the seasons

It is the changes that are necessary, to provide you with the reasons..”

The Holy Spirit

Via Tammy Porter