Come sup with me my Darling, so that I can kiss Your feet

and dry them with my hair from the tears that I will weep

In thanksgiving I will kneel before You, as only a captive could

Please teach me to praise and love You like a loyal subject should

I’m so in love with You Beloved, no one can compare

I was chained up in darkness heading for hell, blind and unaware

But You reached down in love and mercy and healed my heart again

You are the Alpha and Omega, our Father, King and Friend

I  worship You now with a heart made of flesh when once it was made of rock

I’m awestruck by You Beloved and I don’t care who would laugh or mock

For I was heading straight to hell while living in it here

I was full of bitterness and rage, perversion lust and fear

I was about used up by the devil, broken from thinking I was rejected

But the truth was You saw my heart and stamped on it “redirected”

How can I ever repay You Your Majesty, Alpha, Omega Prince of Peace

Let me always burn with worship for You let this Magestic love never cease

Always redirect me when I need it, even if it should take a thistle and a thorn

For to worship You in such a time as this is the reason that I was born.

Trying to find the way to express my love in language and words there arent such

Except to say with love and thanksgiving who is forgiven alot loves much.


The Holy Spirit

via Tammy Porter