My dear friend you forgot your knife,you left it stuck in my back
As I poured my secrets out to you, you covertly planned your attack
If you were a present …that was all wrapped up with a bow
Someone should attach a label saying “there is something you should know
Receiver beware… away…go… do not turn in here
This box is toxic and you will only give and give and in return, shed many a tear
Warning..warning… Narcissist…” is what the tag would read
“This product is full of envy, and malice sprinkled with jealousy and greed”
I wish some kind soul who came before me, would have penned this warning label
“Inside dwells a Narcissist and they will be Cain and you’ll be Abel”
They might not take a rock and strike you, no, they will do it in the dark
They will take your money and esteem and leave their evil mark
You can not confront them oh no…you’ll find yourself loosing before you are fighting
This is when they pull out a technique its a mind twist called gaslighting
Then they will send their flying monkeys and smear your name covertly
They are so smart they trick others they will not attack you overtly
I never want to see you again although someday I know that I will
But I sure wish I could get you to wear a sign, that says “Hazardous ..Toxic spill”
Narcissists should come with a warning label that says “Dangerous to touch
They only return evil for good even though you love them so,so much”
Then rinse and repeat and so on, this term is called “supply”
They need your compliments and your life force, they will seriously suck you dry
Taker, Vampire..parasite, take your pick but buyer beware
If you dare to open this present you will find a cobra coiled up in there
Somewhere someone damaged them, this is so sad and indeed its true
But somewhere someone damaged us, the normal people got hurt to
They will happily take you there, you see off misery they feed
If your crying your eyes out, or complimenting them it serves the same emotional need
I may feel hurt and feel foolish and I am sure I would not of heeded the sign
I would of thought I could fix them because there is no love like mine
But this is foolish and its a lie, it is prideful and from the devils mind
The only love that can heal them is from Jesus, who they desperately need to find
For everyone who has ever been supply
Tammy Porter 9/22/18