I remember your face, better than the rest:
When I was very little, you always gave your best
Burdened by the years of poverty and sorrow
Scratching by from day to day, plunging toward tomorrow
Never knew the best, but gave it from the start,
Giving to the children, they always ruled your heart
You are forever cherished, you are my best friend
You picked me up, shook me out, and put me together again
I know these are only words, and each alone can’t hold
Enough worth to pay you back in paper, silver or gold
All they offer is love, at that they can’t compare
To the way you’ve made a difference and I want you to be aware
Of the impact that you’ve made; the changes you inspired
I want these works to give you hope and rest when you are tired
I think the enemy has tricked you into feeling quite left out.
But let the fruit of my life leave you always without a doubt
Everything you’ve been through has given me special teaching
Not only has it touched my life, but it’s other souls you’re reaching
You’ve lived a lot of misery and you’ve always had it rough
If nothing else matters, your strength has made me tough
You’ll never know how He’s used you to reach this life of mine
My soul is now a star in your crown and brightly it will shine
Think of how special you are, He knew you before you were born
That you alone would have what it took to sew back what was torn
I was a raw lump of clay; alone I could not stand
Although the Lord was the Potter, He used you to be His hand
You have been an artist of work that will not cease
And as I am to you, you are the Lord’s Masterpiece.

for you gramma.
Tammy Porter 99