Thank You sweet Jesus, I know You were there

You saved my life and I am aware

Of the demons that watch me, even as I write

And of the angel behind me, ready to fight

Lord I believe although I can’t see

In Your precious blood that set me free

You opened me up and let my heart feel

You spoke to my spirit and Your word has revealed

That there is a war over my soul

To the Lord it is cherished, to the devil a goal

The devil is tiny, the Lord is so great

The devil fails constantly, God makes no mistakes

my life has been precise though it’s seemed such a mess

Because it led me to Jesus and I am so blessed

To be loved by God and protected by angels

It’s like I am hair, and He brushes the tangles

He cradles and loves me and keeps watch while I sleep

He smiles when I laugh and He hurts when I weep

So I will have faith and doubt the lord not

Because God Himself died, so that I could be bought

I love You Jesus, those words seem unfair

When compared to the love, that brushes my hair.


The Holy Spirit via Tammy Porter 98