The Bridge



Come let me tell you a story…about the most dangerous assignment

The King said as we walked and talked and He explained the nefarious climate

“My plan is to send you out incognito and your identity will be hazy

The enemy knows your coming and has a plan to label you as crazy

Hateful, bigoted and preachy…this assignment is nothing short of treacherous

The leaders of this place are ruthless, evil, narcissistic and lecherous

But I have prized sheep there, scattered and lost in the delusion

That they aren’t crossing a bridge made of heartbeats and that I AM an illusion

I don’t want them to fall, into the pit that burns with fire

So I need soldiers who will fight for Me and who are willing to face the mire

Your memory will be wiped and you will have the chance to be tested

And sadly I tell you the truth some of you will be bested

As I send you down there I will put you in a suit made for this tour

Some of you will be consumed with it and lost in its allure

But some of you will seek Me, you will sin but cry out loud and fervent

for My forgiveness and You will one day hear “well done good and faithful servant”

Remember that they are walking across a raging, spewing pit of eternal anger

Many of them will be blind and deaf to the fact they are in danger

Many of you will not return..This I have already addressed

Each soul will carry this suit…to see who’s been found worthy when put to the test

My Word declares that I have afore knew you, I formed you in the womb

My reasons are my reasons….some of you will return to glory and some to doom

You each have your assignment and I have prepared for you a place

You too must cross the bridge of heartbeats, and learn to seek My face

The earth is nothing more than an obstacle course and satan is the opposition

Each of you will hear his lies and some of you won’t listen

As the King explained the assignment, He had a tear in His eye

I even made this journey, and I laid down my suit and died

Because under that bridge of heartbeats, there is an open lava filled grave

But some of you will surely escape it, and it’s for those that I have paid

The deed to their souls says “Tetelestai” written in my own Blood

I shed it for my lost sheep and as My love poured out like a flood

I felt the full weight of sin bearing down and causing me separation

From My Father as a payment for sin my Blood was the reparation

So begins the most dangerous assignment, and to some I will see you again

Go get your brethren out of the fire and tell them that death is not the end.”


The Holy Spirit via Tammy Porter


Jeremiah 1:5

The Shrine


As my eyes I lower, and my head I bow
I can see the Blood stream down His brow
He did it for us, He came down from on High
Taught us a lot and prepared to die
He knelt in the garden and prayed for you and me
I wonder what He went through in Gadsemede
How would you feel, if it were you, that night?
Wouldn’t you want to run, or perhaps even fight?
Think of the feeling, of waiting for pain
Of being spit on and stripped it would drive me insane
Knowing the road you must walk the next day
Being deserted as you surrender and pray
How did He feel, as He knelt down and wept
He needed His friends, but instead they slept
Imagine His heart as it began to race
of seeing Judas walk up and kiss His face
Imagine the grief as He said “Hurry up
Do what you must” then He drank from the cup
How would you feel to have every choice
Knowing you must suffer, and not raise your voice
He must think we are treasure to take on this thing
We treat Him so common, when in fact He’s our King
King Jesus He died and He suffered so deep
It must hurt God so bad, that we treat Him so cheap
He died as the price, to have all of me
He became the prisoner, so that I could go free
King Jesus THE EMPEROR the ONE for all time,
From this day forward, my YOUR shrine.

The Holy Spirit
via Tammy Porter 98



Rejection has been the enemy spirit that was dispatched to destroy me
He has always kept me blind and unable to truly see
That I am jewelry among the pot-shards, beloved of the Lord
He made me feel unworthy and ashamed when I am treasured and adored
He was dispatched today to take his evil ride
To challenge my identity and to try to make me cry
To make me say “Your stupid and ugly how dare you pray for them”
But I knew my worth, and was strengthened, stood up and said “amen”
Then the warrior in me rose up, and took ole Rejection to court
I rebuked him in the Name of Jesus and said “Ill say none of the sort”
“No no, I am forgiven and my sin is forgotten in the sea
Teltelsai was written across the deed to my life, that day on Calvary
Today I rejected Rejection when it tried to take me down
I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and out came the sweetest sound
“Forgiven” reads my name, it has been written in the Book
When I challenged him in the court of prayer, he stood there and he shook
Then ran away defeated robbed of his coveted prize
Because I knew my identity and that I have been crucified with Christ
“Get away from me accuser..I’m loved and accepted by the Great I AM
You mess with me and you’ll have to deal with the Lion and the Lamb
Be gone from me tormentor, I forgive all who treat me with disdain
I was blind and now I see, Jesus knows my name
I’m jewelry among the pot-shards I am treasure while you are slime
Now take your filthy hands off me and remember your almost out of time.”

Tammy Porter10/20/18
accepted in the Beloved



I just want to tell you something much I love you from afar
I want You to know how beautiful and majestic I think You are
I’m in love with You ..You have saved me from my cage
You have unchained my hands, unshackled my feet and delivered me from rage
I think of You constantly, almost every second of the day
I can not wait to see You my love, there’s just so much to say
I was a picture of shame, I came from the lowest ground
But you have given me honor and now my mind is sound
You have fixed what was broken, and You did this work so slow
You didn’t want to shatter me, and I just want you to know
That You are my beloved, and I am captivated by You
I appreciate the cost You paid and all that You went through
Soon we will dine together, we shall get to see Your smile
We will examine every step You took over every desert mile
You are the One who suffers the most, You have to see all the pain
You have to watch all the innocent die, animals and people are slain
Oh You go through so much and in pain you earned your crown
My sin gouged Your beautiful head with thorns and your feet and hands nailed down
Jesus my beloved, my air, my King and my friend
We just want you to know that we want this all to end
And to be with You forever, “I Am my beloved and my beloved is Mine”
We hold to this promise and a greater love we wont find
Come away with us oh King, Thy beloved calls for You
Our garments are cleansed and our feet are washed and our hair wet with dew
Let us go like the hart and run free and strong across the mountain
Then in laughter let us sit down at Your feet as we drink from the fountain
This is a simple offering of what is our hearts desire
We have our lamps trimmed with oil and our love of You is the fire…

Tammy Porter

February 28th

Lord remember Suzie? For she was one of Yours

But she flew away so fast, leaving open doors

He looks down on His children; who say “love” and then kill

WAIT A MINUTE that’s not love, its doing Satan’s will

If you would have loved her, you would of let her go

What would she have become? Now we’ll never know

The Lord is in charge; nothing will change that

But it doesn’t stop our tears and wondering where He’s at

Lord remember Suzie? She cries now for all the slain,

Every one of you “victims of love”, this too is for your pain

Lord what can we do to stop this? Answer Suzie’s call

Slain in love and Marriage? THAT ISN’T LOVE AT ALL

Wake up everyone..reach those you think your mad at

You don’t know the meaning of mad, until you go through that

I pray to the Lord, for those who don’t yet know

Of how it feels to grieve for the slain and you cant seem to let it go

Lord remember Suzie? “Hey thanks for all the years,

You were like my sister; sometimes we laughed ourselves to tears.”

You were just swept away and now they fall for you

And your precious children..whatever will they do?

But “be still” before Him and wait upon His will

He sent the only “love”; they ever had to kill

I never dreamed my Suzie, would ever go away

I never knew to call you, before February Twenty Eighth…


Dedicated to Suzie Kathleen Jarvis

By Tammy Porter 2/29/08

The Little General

The Little girl woke up that day with prayer upon her lips

She awoke from a vivid dream of angels, laughing and doing flips

Praying she said, “Jesus can you help me to be brave when they come

The bad men are chasing us and making us to run

When they finally catch us, and I know that they will

Help me to be brave my Lord and calmly do Your will

He answered her sweetly…”Thank you child for loving Me

Let the bad men know that I will also set them free

Tell them that I love them and will forgive them of their deed

I died for them to, for all men to be freed

They are just mislead, child today you’ll come with me to Zion

Face them with the love of God and courage of a lion”

The little general was so happy that Jesus spoke to her

She didn’t even notice that they had caught her by the skirt

She looked them in the eyes, as they made her to kneel

She said “Jesus told me to tell you that he will love you still

Even when you do this deed, He will forgive your sin

He will clean you up and heal your pain, and let you start again”

Those were the little general’s words, before the bad men could even speak

As they used the sword upon her they felt powerless and weak

They killed the little general who had never forgot to pray

That tiny little girl stood up them like a warrior on that day

Her blood spilled out before them it only took one swipe

They thought they shut her up, they thought they took her life

When Jesus came to get her, as her head fell upon the ground

She stood up in wonder and then heard the sweetest sound



“Jesus I am so happy to meet You, but whatever do You mean?

I was very poor and small how could I do this thing?”

The Lord chuckled with laughter as He walked her to the Throne

“Many people will see your picture, on their computers and their phones

They will feel ashamed and repent and some will cry to Me

Your death will act as a mirror to show them their apathy

Come along sweet darling I have to say you are just glowing

That time is behind you now; to meet Him is where we’re going”

As the bad men stood there wondering why she didn’t cry

One of them was perplexed and seen many people die

She wasn’t even shaking; she faced me like a man

Then shame came to find him and he turned around and ran

What will you do I wonder; when you are in her position

The Spirit tries to prepare you for this but what will make you listen?

Maybe the little general, who was beheaded for her King

Will it wake you up, could you do the same thing?

The horses are now riding hear their hoof beats upon the wind

Think of the little general when they come for you my friend

Jesus we adore You and we thank You for Your Blood

Let us honor You as she did dying valiantly in the mud.”

The Holy Spirit via Tammy Porter 7/31/15

For all slain in the Beloved

(that day I had seen a facebook know the dreaded ones? this had a distraught man holding a little girls head in his lap..although it was blurred hid nothing..tears started to steam down my face and out of my hands the Holy Spirit wrote this poem… was …an awesome moment.)


She was lost and abandoned, dancing on the stage
Her eyes held stolen innocence.. trembling, fear and rage
What is she searching for? Dancing herself to shame
Looking in the mirror, seeing herself to blame?
She looks inside her own eyes, a reflection of her soul
Deems herself unworthy and lost without a goal
Her heart was breaking on that stage, there is something she wanted to find
She wanted a man to save her, protect her and be kind
Instead she found an imposter and gave him all that she could
She unleashed her love, unlocked her heart and trusted more than she should
What is she searching for? Dancing night after night
Bringing home the money and smiling away the fight
She was breaking into many pieces, her mind shattered beyond all words
Through the middle of her destruction, something beautiful occurred
She found the love of Jesus, He wiped away her tears
He held her close with tender arms and gave back her stolen years
He knew what she was searching for, when she was dancing on that stage
He turned her into an open book, filling her every page
Through the love of Jesus, she is innocent once again
He bled for her on Calvary, to forgive her of her sin
Now she looks in the mirror, and sees a reflection of her soul
And through the eyes of Jesus, she is focused on a goal
He saved her and protects her, to her He is always kind
She kneels down to thank Him, for renewing her shattered mind
What was she searching for when she was locked up in her sin?
The void in her was Jesus, and now He lives within.

The Holy Spirit
via Tammy Porter\99