I just want to tell you something much I love you from afar
I want You to know how beautiful and majestic I think You are
I’m in love with You ..You have saved me from my cage
You have unchained my hands, unshackled my feet and delivered me from rage
I think of You constantly, almost every second of the day
I can not wait to see You my love, there’s just so much to say
I was a picture of shame, I came from the lowest ground
But you have given me honor and now my mind is sound
You have fixed what was broken, and You did this work so slow
You didn’t want to shatter me, and I just want you to know
That You are my beloved, and I am captivated by You
I appreciate the cost You paid and all that You went through
Soon we will dine together, we shall get to see Your smile
We will examine every step You took over every desert mile
You are the One who suffers the most, You have to see all the pain
You have to watch all the innocent die, animals and people are slain
Oh You go through so much and in pain you earned your crown
My sin gouged Your beautiful head with thorns and your feet and hands nailed down
Jesus my beloved, my air, my King and my friend
We just want you to know that we want this all to end
And to be with You forever, “I Am my beloved and my beloved is Mine”
We hold to this promise and a greater love we wont find
Come away with us oh King, Thy beloved calls for You
Our garments are cleansed and our feet are washed and our hair wet with dew
Let us go like the hart and run free and strong across the mountain
Then in laughter let us sit down at Your feet as we drink from the fountain
This is a simple offering of what is our hearts desire
We have our lamps trimmed with oil and our love of You is the fire…

Tammy Porter

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