Rejection has been the enemy spirit that was dispatched to destroy me
He has always kept me blind and unable to truly see
That I am jewelry among the pot-shards, beloved of the Lord
He made me feel unworthy and ashamed when I am treasured and adored
He was dispatched today to take his evil ride
To challenge my identity and to try to make me cry
To make me say “Your stupid and ugly how dare you pray for them”
But I knew my worth, and was strengthened, stood up and said “amen”
Then the warrior in me rose up, and took ole Rejection to court
I rebuked him in the Name of Jesus and said “Ill say none of the sort”
“No no, I am forgiven and my sin is forgotten in the sea
Teltelsai was written across the deed to my life, that day on Calvary
Today I rejected Rejection when it tried to take me down
I closed my eyes and opened my mouth and out came the sweetest sound
“Forgiven” reads my name, it has been written in the Book
When I challenged him in the court of prayer, he stood there and he shook
Then ran away defeated robbed of his coveted prize
Because I knew my identity and that I have been crucified with Christ
“Get away from me accuser..I’m loved and accepted by the Great I AM
You mess with me and you’ll have to deal with the Lion and the Lamb
Be gone from me tormentor, I forgive all who treat me with disdain
I was blind and now I see, Jesus knows my name
I’m jewelry among the pot-shards I am treasure while you are slime
Now take your filthy hands off me and remember your almost out of time.”

Tammy Porter10/20/18
accepted in the Beloved

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