The Little General

The Little girl woke up that day with prayer upon her lips

She awoke from a vivid dream of angels, laughing and doing flips

Praying she said, “Jesus can you help me to be brave when they come

The bad men are chasing us and making us to run

When they finally catch us, and I know that they will

Help me to be brave my Lord and calmly do Your will

He answered her sweetly…”Thank you child for loving Me

Let the bad men know that I will also set them free

Tell them that I love them and will forgive them of their deed

I died for them to, for all men to be freed

They are just mislead, child today you’ll come with me to Zion

Face them with the love of God and courage of a lion”

The little general was so happy that Jesus spoke to her

She didn’t even notice that they had caught her by the skirt

She looked them in the eyes, as they made her to kneel

She said “Jesus told me to tell you that he will love you still

Even when you do this deed, He will forgive your sin

He will clean you up and heal your pain, and let you start again”

Those were the little general’s words, before the bad men could even speak

As they used the sword upon her they felt powerless and weak

They killed the little general who had never forgot to pray

That tiny little girl stood up them like a warrior on that day

Her blood spilled out before them it only took one swipe

They thought they shut her up, they thought they took her life

When Jesus came to get her, as her head fell upon the ground

She stood up in wonder and then heard the sweetest sound



“Jesus I am so happy to meet You, but whatever do You mean?

I was very poor and small how could I do this thing?”

The Lord chuckled with laughter as He walked her to the Throne

“Many people will see your picture, on their computers and their phones

They will feel ashamed and repent and some will cry to Me

Your death will act as a mirror to show them their apathy

Come along sweet darling I have to say you are just glowing

That time is behind you now; to meet Him is where we’re going”

As the bad men stood there wondering why she didn’t cry

One of them was perplexed and seen many people die

She wasn’t even shaking; she faced me like a man

Then shame came to find him and he turned around and ran

What will you do I wonder; when you are in her position

The Spirit tries to prepare you for this but what will make you listen?

Maybe the little general, who was beheaded for her King

Will it wake you up, could you do the same thing?

The horses are now riding hear their hoof beats upon the wind

Think of the little general when they come for you my friend

Jesus we adore You and we thank You for Your Blood

Let us honor You as she did dying valiantly in the mud.”

The Holy Spirit via Tammy Porter 7/31/15

For all slain in the Beloved

(that day I had seen a facebook know the dreaded ones? this had a distraught man holding a little girls head in his lap..although it was blurred hid nothing..tears started to steam down my face and out of my hands the Holy Spirit wrote this poem… was …an awesome moment.)

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