February 28th

Lord remember Suzie? For she was one of Yours

But she flew away so fast, leaving open doors

He looks down on His children; who say “love” and then kill

WAIT A MINUTE that’s not love, its doing Satan’s will

If you would have loved her, you would of let her go

What would she have become? Now we’ll never know

The Lord is in charge; nothing will change that

But it doesn’t stop our tears and wondering where He’s at

Lord remember Suzie? She cries now for all the slain,

Every one of you “victims of love”, this too is for your pain

Lord what can we do to stop this? Answer Suzie’s call

Slain in love and Marriage? THAT ISN’T LOVE AT ALL

Wake up everyone..reach those you think your mad at

You don’t know the meaning of mad, until you go through that

I pray to the Lord, for those who don’t yet know

Of how it feels to grieve for the slain and you cant seem to let it go

Lord remember Suzie? “Hey thanks for all the years,

You were like my sister; sometimes we laughed ourselves to tears.”

You were just swept away and now they fall for you

And your precious children..whatever will they do?

But “be still” before Him and wait upon His will

He sent the only “love”; they ever had to kill

I never dreamed my Suzie, would ever go away

I never knew to call you, before February Twenty Eighth…


Dedicated to Suzie Kathleen Jarvis

By Tammy Porter 2/29/08

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