She was lost and abandoned, dancing on the stage
Her eyes held stolen innocence.. trembling, fear and rage
What is she searching for? Dancing herself to shame
Looking in the mirror, seeing herself to blame?
She looks inside her own eyes, a reflection of her soul
Deems herself unworthy and lost without a goal
Her heart was breaking on that stage, there is something she wanted to find
She wanted a man to save her, protect her and be kind
Instead she found an imposter and gave him all that she could
She unleashed her love, unlocked her heart and trusted more than she should
What is she searching for? Dancing night after night
Bringing home the money and smiling away the fight
She was breaking into many pieces, her mind shattered beyond all words
Through the middle of her destruction, something beautiful occurred
She found the love of Jesus, He wiped away her tears
He held her close with tender arms and gave back her stolen years
He knew what she was searching for, when she was dancing on that stage
He turned her into an open book, filling her every page
Through the love of Jesus, she is innocent once again
He bled for her on Calvary, to forgive her of her sin
Now she looks in the mirror, and sees a reflection of her soul
And through the eyes of Jesus, she is focused on a goal
He saved her and protects her, to her He is always kind
She kneels down to thank Him, for renewing her shattered mind
What was she searching for when she was locked up in her sin?
The void in her was Jesus, and now He lives within.

The Holy Spirit
via Tammy Porter\99